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Beautiful - Wish I had the money to buy them all!

- Adrianne B.

wait a minute! I looked at the website of venice. seems there is a boat in there and also a door! Cute, though - windows of windows! all is forgiven... I enjoyed the pix though!

- Alese

I too love windows & doors. Great images!

- Alice V

Unbelievable pictures. Tell me what are you going to do with these pictures.

You should make a book of these photos and sell it. My trip To Italy. I'll buy few from you and it could be a very good success.

Unbelievable. MARIAN is right. How many do you have? I tried to see them all, but they were coming and coming and coming.....Say hi to Marian. Love

- Alma

The texture is incredible - I can feel it!

- Ana A

I'm from Brazil and I really like your work. Congratulations. The colors give a sense of life where always has a passage. Beautiful!

- Ana Paula

JB - how can I get sick of anything you send? Please remember that I'm living vicariously through the experiences of my more artsy, footloose, and intrepid friends!!!

Hey JB - You sent two beautiful cards one of the rainbow and the other was the dragon entangled in the modern world…do send me more! I live vicariously now more than ever!

JB this was very funny! Thanks, and thanks for the great pics! There were some repeats, but I don't mind at all - they're all worth more than one look-see! The dragon is now my wall paper for the time being!!   Love

- Anahi and Alessia

Your pictures are wonderful. I loved the play of light and depth and the doors and windows are fabulous.

- Anne S

Outstanding exhibit - Congratulations!

- Arlene H

Grounding and peaceful. More!

- Barb F

HI John - it was great seeing your work and you on the weekend. Your stuff is beautiful - they looked so real I was confused that they were photos! Your stuff is so bright and eye catching.

- Beth (1)

We will miss your works and the fabulous reaction they've gotten! By the way, JB - the staff is crazy about your photos ... it came up at a Supervisors meeting yesterday. And when I was downstairs this morning, someone was raving about them.

- Beth (2)

Loved all your visuals, I felt I have been there with you two! Thanks for the eye candy. Enjoy the air, tastes, smells and sounds as well. Loved the balloon man. Be well, love you lots

- Betty Sue

The colours on the clothes line images are beautiful

- Bill from Glasgow

Very nice JB! I really like several photos of the doors and the one with the boat in the canal.

Perhaps, some day, I too shall visit Venice. (I really want to taste the food!!!)

- Bob

you're using your server well.

- Bobby


- C. Lowell

By the way, I enjoy the Venice post cards, so you can keep my name on the list of recipients if you have any more to send during the course of the rest of the month.

- Carla

Had to go by library early this a.m. and saw your exhibit. Spectacular! The presentation and color level, texture, as (of course) the subject(s) area all first rate.

- Charles V

I heard you were a Hit this past weekend! I am so happy for you. Your work speaks for itself, and now others can enjoy it as well.

- Cheryl

Just visited the site, and loved it!

- Chris

Bravo to you both and thank you for alerting me to your exhibitions ~ Both spectacular!

- Christie

Passages, blocked or inviting, all beautiful.

- Christie Allan-Piper

I have just returned from seeing your outstanding exhibition at the W.N. cinema. I made a rather detailed comment there, initialed C.M. Your compositions, technical execution & digital color management & printing are really very good. I also liked very much the photographic paper you used. Do you do this professionally or are you an amateur photographer? I am a serious amateur photographer interested in landscape & scenic work. I have a website (http://www.cyrilmazansky.com/). Do you live in the Newton area? I live in this community. Congratulations on a beautiful exhibit.

- Cyril

I am very impressed with your prints of Venice Windows and Doors which I saw at the Newton moviehouse. I am an artist (watercolors) and have spent three days in Venice painting. However, I didn't find any of your subjects. I wish I had! Where is your studio? Is your work for sale and, if so, what are the prices?

I liked all of the prints but have three favorites: The window with the cat, the window with the pot of geraniums and the orange doorway with something blue next to it (can't tell what it is) and the green growth around the doorway. All three have strong compositions, good contrast and bright color combinations. - I have just been informed that one of my Italian paintings Roman Façade has been accepted in the juried Fall Members Show at the CO/SO, Copley Society of Art. I have been a member (Copley Artist) of the CO/SO since 1990. I have been doing well in their small works shows and their auctions. If you could see this painting you would understand why I like your work so much. I would enjoy meeting you and finding out more about your background and experiences.

- Dorit (1)

My husband I went to see a movie at the West Newton Cinema last week and I was very disappointed to see only bare walls. I had even brought a notebook with me to list titles of some of your prints I might be interested in purchasing. Hopefully, you were able to sell a number of them before taking them down. Do you have them on display anywhere else?

How was your trip to Venice? Did you take any successful photos?

- Dorit (2)

Dear JB - The *Museum* is beautiful. I love the first picture which gives the viewer the feeling of actually entering the exhibition. Darn! Now I have to go get a new supply of colored ink for the printer. Ciao

- Dr. Ed

I saw your work at the West Newton Cinema and wanted to tell you how much I liked it. I had been to Venice in '01 and your images took me right back to the windows and doors that had fascinated me too. I especially like how you framed them without glass - the colors are richer without the glare. Who do you use for giclee processing? I have used Hunter Editions in Kennebunkport but they are expensive. Are using a digital camera? Am I asking too many questions?

- E. Dianne

We would be interested in another photo for ourselves, but need more time to make a decision as there are many wonderful choices. So, I want to pick this one up now as it is a gift.

- Elaine

Those little pictures are so awesome, they brought my little living room alive.

- Ellen

I really appreciate your eye and composition.

- Ellen M


- Enime

As soon as I can muster the money, I plan to buy one or two.

- Freda

I know you didn't invite me to spout on the art, but I'll generalize that it was pretty impressive and yours very much so.

- Garth

Venice in April…that must suck!!

Thanks so much for telling us about the show. Congratulations! Both of you produce beautiful stuff! I've still got lemons in my head from one of M's paintings. Now I'm off to visit the dog-site.

- Gary

John, this is totally, awesome cool....

- Harold

It works great..love the windows, wish I was there ..wine women and song.

- Jack

Nice photos, JB! I also love taking shots of doors and windows. You certainly had enough time to do so - Happy Wedding!

- Jan

Love that cat! I'll surely see the show.

- Jan B

Hi JB- I heard from several people on saturday and sunday, how amazing your venice window photographs are (not to mention your drop-dead gorgeous house!) There was definately a buzz about it!

- Jane

Who are you?

- Jane W

I had admired your prints displayed at Newton Public Library this past month, but, when I brought my wife in to show her, the exhibit had already changed. I was wondering if you are now exhibiting these elsewhere for us to view.

- Jay

Bella, bella!

- Jean L (1)

Your Venice windows slide show took me to Venice from snow-snarled Cambridge! Grazie!! I'll definitely get to the Newtonville Books show.

- Jean L (2)

I've taken some of the same, I think! La Foce blue/green door, Sant Antimo wood window? Gorgeous prints.

- Jeanne

great pictures JB! The postcards look great. I like how you put in personal touches into the site. Especially the remarks from you and Marian about the day's events. It's a fun site.

It looks great. Thanks for doing all the scanning.

I have a thought about your doors and windows. I really love them. I think I see new ones each time I go to the site. Are you still adding to it?

Well, my thought is how about creating limited edition booklets of your images as gift items? If they're printed from a good color printer and packaged beautifully like a portfolio piece -- with handmade paper,etc. -- I think that would be fun. Ask Steve to bring his Ashes and Snow purchase (sovenir booklet of images) to check out how they produced that. But I was thinking they would be loose sheets of each window/door. I also think a handable size. You're probably thinking LARGE!!... Right?

I just read the comments from your other friends… so, I guess I'm not the only one who have thought your photos would make a great book.

I like maryann's suggestion of exhibiting at the arsenale

if I didn't already let you know, I received the windows and a fun bunch of 'em they are!

- jen

What a fabulous web site you and Marian have concocted. Your photos are beautiful. That was a working vacation in Venice!

I've been sitting here for 45 minutes looking at your shots and they are all great. How many photos are there in the Windows collection? Also, how many in Marian's. It's difficult to know whether I've seen them all yet or not.

- Jim

I watched this website for about 10 minutes last night. You guys took a lot of pictures of windows and doors! I particularly liked the ones with: the top of your head reflected in the window, the one with the cat and the one with the satellite TV installed next to the historic architecture. I have a church friend who is going to Venice in the fall so I passed along the website and some of your pictures to her to whet her appetite for the trip.

Thanks. I enjoyed looking at all the different windows and doors! Amazing!

And WoW! So many pictures at the West Newton cinema!! Great exposure (to use a pun)!

- Joan

Your opening was fantastic

JB. I saw your exhibit at the West Newton Cinema and it is fantastic. I heard many complementary remarks from the Theatre goers. It was fun to see all the windows together and that is no enuwendo?LOL I knew that joke might be a pain in the glass.

- Joe

Enjoyed your prints at the West Newton Cinema. Can't tell from the website how one orders venetian window prints.

I just finished making my first pass through the entire series and have it narrowed down to the 25 or 30 I liked best. Since I don't have wall space or check book large enough to accommodate all of them, I'll have to narrow it down to two or three. What I like about these images is the suggestion of hidden and as yet unknown depths and possibilities behind the windows and doors, or just beyond sight down a twisting pathway.

- Joe S

At night you can see only the outside, but in the day you can see the inside too. It's like a real window! Very cool.

- John

You web site looked great, Venetian windows -cool segs from one image to another.

- John A

We're going to be in Venice in April? I better shop for new muk-luks. I am working flat out, up to 13 hours a day on my beautiful briolette diamond. I am supposed to finish April 4. Do we fly before then? Love

- john h

Well.....thank you. Now I have something to do today!

- John L

I have been meaning to e-mail you since your photos were displayed in Keys. My wife Kathy and I really enjoy looking at your wonderful works of art as we take our daily walk.

- John V

Very Very impressive !!

You may have found your second calling.

Marian was right, very pleasing to the eye as well as the sole (too poetic ??).

Along with color and texture, there might be a background fascination with what's going on behind the door or window. (alright, get your mind out of the gutter)

I noted your noggin reflected in the glass, trying some Alfred Hitchcock techniques ?? Sneaking the author into the film ??

If you wish to depart from electronics as a break, you could create a coffee table book of these images, they are every bit as good as I've ever seen.

Gratefully yours, (and wishing I went on a trip)

- John W

Nice webpage yourself. Digital or are you scanning negatives? Seem pretty clear and crisp.

Good shooting!

- Jorn

Thanks for the exquisite photos. I sat and stared at each lovely image, remembering the ones I was present for.

- Julie


- Kate S

This on line photo album is great. Seeing pics and hearing about your adventures a little at a time and almost in real time is much better than an overdose upon your return.

I'm really enjoying the pics. Very peaceful, especially the sunset and moonrise. Made me think of the peace of just hanging out there and watching it all slowly change. JB, are you the one taking all of these pictures Seems to me there is more than one artist in the marriage. -- Kathy

Ah yes, Kathy. Marian is taking images of clotheslines. But on film, so I can't (easily) send them to you. I am quite enjoying the peace of hanging out, it is totally true. That is what I came for, and what I am getting. -- JB

I logged on and enjoyed them immensely. I was wishing that they would switch slower so I could enjoy each one longer, then I realized just how many lovely windows Venice supplies and understood why they had to switch quickly. I had to stop before the show was over or I would have missed the family breakfast. I will watch it again and again. I could totally get into printing out some and framing them for some spots in the house. Here's an idea for you: get some printed on huge paper and sell them to homeowners like me to improve a blank wall in a room without enough windows. I would love looking out at a canal or at a weathered wooden door beckoning me to try to open it or at least guess at its mysterious contents.

- Kathy

Loved the windows and now I want to make a quilt of each one! I'm insanely jealous that you got to smell all those wonderful smells in Venice, and I'll be thinking of you both when I'm in lovely Idaho this week. I have added a link from my website to yours so that other artists may enjoy your work. And the coffee table book is a great idea!

As for the laundry, I'd like to have Marian come out here and photograph MY clothesline, when I have 30 yards of hand-dyed fabric waiting to dry. Sometimes after I look at what I've made, I think a picture of them would be more artistic than the fabrics themselves! Excellent job -- Kibbie of the Batting a Thousand Quilting Company

- Kibbie

They are amazing!!! Thank you!!!!

- Lana

HI, my name is Lara Goldstone, i go to Ithaca College in New York and am a Photography major, im originally from Newton and was just recently home and saw your show at the library. I actually am suppose to be writing a paper on a few exhibits, and i was wondering if maybe you could help me out. I really enjoyed your work and just wanted to know a little bit more about you as a photographer, and your intentions of your work. If u have any time I would really appreciate if u could tell me a little bit about yourself, also are your prints digital or c prints? Loved to hear from you, Thanks so much

- Lara G

Just clicked into the dynamic Venetian window display & it is just too incredible. It's beautiful. I was awed by the beautiful views. That is something to be proud of. Also, I must say you are a true off-centered Cherry Lawner.

- Laura

Exquisitely done!

- Laurie

JB, This is excellent, I have spent a lot of time watching and I'm extremely impressed with your eye. I've given it to a couple of people at work who have the right sensibilities and they, too think it's a real tour de force. Beautiful work.

Love the postcards, and are thinking of you constantly. Hope the reality is as good as the wishes we have for you. Love

- Les

Um, JB, aren't you supposed to be on vacation? You seem to be spending an awful lot of time on the computer… Unless you have a laptop with remote internet access and are sitting in the middle of Piazza San Marco with pigeons pooping on your keypad, I think it's time to GO OUTSIDE!!!

(And from JB:) Ah, you creep! I have been under the weather the last couple of days, and am entertaining myself by bothering others

oh, how I wish computers were more developed so I could find and send a smell-o-gram with the scent of the Grand Canal in Springtime…

not that that would be incentive, but hey, it's interesting! :-) I wish I could come along ... love, me

- Lisa

I especially enjoyed looking at the clothesline art. I can see where the Blue Boat paintings came from. Thanks for sharing.

Your window photographs are lovely. A few weeks ago I went through you whole slide show several times.

- Liz

Wonderful - Feel like I am almost there.

- Liz J


- Lizzie

Very special and very beautiful

- Maitto

The gallery of your work at W.Newton Cinema is great!!!!

- Mar

Just a quick one: just spent some time tooling around your site - yikes, it's so great!

The Venice Windows….so amazing.
Loved them all, but especially the gardens near Bellagio....yum! I was in Bellagio about 8 years ago, but it was early May and the flowers weren't in full bloom, so I got a tour of those through your photos...
Will spend more time on the site when I get a chance. Just loved the way it's structured, so fun to read, so much there!

- Marge

They really are spectacular photographs.

- Marian

Just wanted you to know how much we (especially me) enjoyed veiwing your framed photos. I know they will be a big hit at the showing. You really have a good eye for focusing and making a photo come alive to the veiwer as well as making it an interesting subject. Also isn't it kind of a nice feeling to know that you can give people pleasure by something you can do well. Anyhow that is how I feel when some likes something I can do (smile)

- Marie

Glad you are enjoying yourselves. Thanks for the pictures. The colorful houses look so appealing. You must be having fun with your new camera. How are all your guests enjoying themselves? Has the strike I heard about in Italy effected you at all?

Just got around to looking at this web site - looks like you had fun! I especially like the one of Marian on the floor!!!

Elliot was very impressed with your work! Hayley of course loved just seeing you!

- Marilyn

They would be moving and beautiful in any context.

- Mark

Great site and art and photography!! We both think you two have made wonderful art and wish you much happiness from it!

- Mary and Charles

JB, I know some of those windows. Have you considered having a showing at the Arsenale??? You have composed them brilliantly. I didn't have time to see them all, this is a slow computer and I have to get some stuff done before heading north. So far the ones that really stand out are the one with squiggly iron bars in the front and shadows of figures reflected in the glass; the one with the kids: the pink towel; and the one with the steps going to the iron gate. (Didn't jot down the numbers.) I also thought it was perfect the way you could see through the glass skylight from the roof top. Thank you for making me smile. I will go back to that site and savor all of the shots at a more leisurely time. You truly are an artist. I like your work.

I just thought about how windows are like people. Some have iron bars in front. Though the glass may be fragile behind them, it is still difficult to get in. Some are bricked up and just about impossible to get in. You can't even see through them. Many are closed but can be opened. Then there are those that are wide open. Hugs

- Maryann (1)

WOW, It just goes to show perceptive Bostonians can be in the recognition of talent! Congratulations!

- Maryann (2)

Wonderfully evocative, really transports you - Lovely

- Maureen

I took a longer look at your website--very cool! Loved all the photos.

- Michelle

wow - I love the card. I understand why you have changed your focus, and it is wonderful that you can do so... always keep the fresh outlook, it is so refreshing. Doors are great as are windows- they always lead one into new things, and I especially like the passageways and stairs at the top. I also like the one with the cat in the window - but probably that's because I am a cat person with three nutty Siamese in my household(very photogenic, the trio, always up to something diabolical) Congratulations on your new field of expertise! Great to see something worthwhile done with digital photography - it's usually such mundane and trite stuff. If I could do that well I might get into it myself!

- Nellia

Absolutely Great - Enjoyed the images you captured so beautifully - remarkable depth & light & shadows

- O S

My first guess is Venice or Italy. The photos are just beautiful! I saved the one of the rainbow, it is so unusual. You made me very jealous! Where is it?

- Pat (1)

I'm still marvelling at the quality of your windows prints, and wondering what I should look to learn from them.

- Pat (2)

Your display is beautiful - thank you for it

- Peg

The window image is stunning … The photos came in succession when I waited. They are wonderful. I particularly liked the miscellaneous stuff on top of the basic stunning designs. I'm referring to the plaster patchwork, curtain, cat, flower box, uneven aging, cracks, stains and so on. You rarely see that in paintings, except when it's an obvious point the painter is trying to make. I'm hoping to try that when I become more skillful.

The site is hypnotic. I've got to get to Venice before I croak.

- Pieter

These are really cool - please send some with you and md in them as well.

(And from JB:) You may be outta luck there, Rahil. Marian just takes hanging laundry (yup) and I just take windows and little features and artsy shots that strike me. You may eventually find one, but don't hold your breath!

- Rahil

Mesmerizing ... YES MASTER.......…

- Raymond

I saw your prints and picked up a card at the Newton Library. They are absolutely beautiful!! I’d like a little more information on how to purchase…etc. The card was a bit confusing – is it 50 prints for $70??

- Rena

Thank you for the beautiful post cards. You could change your job. What about photografer?


- Renato

Saw the show yesterday. Looks great. My friend really loved them too!

- Renee

We did enjoy the opening, very much. There were some very beautiful pieces (and your Venice doors number among our favorites -- we compared notes afterward). Of course, we enjoyed the party, too!

- Robin

Amazing work - never knew digital could be so artistic.

- Ros

Joyous - just seeing these pictures made me smile and feel the charm of Italy.

- Roslyn F

These are stunning! Like paintings. The photographer/artist's eye is apparent in these lovely, evocative photos of doors and doorways - those windows to another world. Thank you.

- Ruth

I just saw some of your work at the West Newton Cinema. I really enjoyed it! Do you have a show with all your work coming up soon? - Keep Snapping

- Sandy

I loved your Venetian Windows web site. Beautiful pictures! Makes me want to return there. I last visited Venice when I was a starving student attending the American University of Paris, France. I was on a art history study trip. I love the architecture.

- Serina

Beautiful work - I want them all!

- Shirley

I was glad to see your photographs in person. They looked great on the website but of course they look even better in person.

- Sivan

I just saw your photos at the Harvard Vanguard center in Wellesley. They look great! Congrats!

- Susan

We respect your brilliant detailed heart and brains and eyes and I think we 'wuv you!!!

- Taube S N

I had an appointment a couple days ago at the Harvard Vanguard Wellesley Center and was pleasantly surprised to see your Venice windows photos in the lobby. I'm glad to see that your stuff is getting distributed. Those are nice peaceful images for people who might be nervous or in discomfort as they're going in.

- Tom

Thank you, thank you for all of the wonderful pictures and stories. Love

- Torry

OK, I just went to your website and Wow, man!!! I love your photos, and I agree you could do a book - as good as any I've seen! I'm going to tell the director of the Perrin gallery in Brookline to look at your site. She goes to Italy every year and might be interested in giving you a show. Her name is Alison Canfield - sweet as can be. I have a show there right now, Dog-oids & Man-beasts. We're having a pre-Halloween, come dressed as your favorite man-beast event on Thurs., Oct 17, 6:30-9. You should come and bring your friends and i'll introduce you to Alison.

- Virginia (1)

The work looks fabulous!! What gorgeous prints & new images that are a delight!!!

- Virginia (2)

What fabulous shots. It truly makes you wonder what is on the other side!

- Wanda

Nice website … your doing, I presume! Your work is at the West Newton Cinemas? Guess I'll have to go see a film at my favorite theatre then! … Congratulations! That's the best part, when they have happy homes, with clients that see stories in your images…

- Wendy

Just wanted to say thanks, your site is so fun. I'm doing research on classical Italian architecture and your site sure was a nice break.

In my search for classic Italian Architecture I typed either Venetian Window or Palladian Window (I'm not quit sure which one) and then being the thorough person that I am, I just went down the list. My boyfriend thought it was cool too.

Take care and Thanks again (from http://wendysartfulliving.com)

- Wendylou

I love all the pictures. Maybe we should make a small book of your emails, as a memoir of your travels in Venice? -- Xenia

I am tickled pink over your suggestion of keeping my emails of the trip. Really. Thank you so much. Since you suggest it, perhaps I will make a little electronic website book. It has been fun composing the emails and squishing the images into email-sized ones. A sort of re-viewing of the day. Something I would never dream of doing on a week-long go-go trip. -- JB

I can tell from your last message that you were thinking about how best to report on your trip for your book. I shouldn't have suggested the book idea to you until you returned because now you will be nervous about your emails. In fact I don't think you should do the book anymore! (does that help?)

- Xenia


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