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This on line photo album is great. Seeing pics and hearing about your adventures a little at a time and almost in real time is much better than an overdose upon your return.

I'm really enjoying the pics. Very peaceful, especially the sunset and moonrise. Made me think of the peace of just hanging out there and watching it all slowly change. JB, are you the one taking all of these pictures Seems to me there is more than one artist in the marriage. -- Kathy

Ah yes, Kathy. Marian is taking images of clotheslines. But on film, so I can't (easily) send them to you. I am quite enjoying the peace of hanging out, it is totally true. That is what I came for, and what I am getting. -- JB

I logged on and enjoyed them immensely. I was wishing that they would switch slower so I could enjoy each one longer, then I realized just how many lovely windows Venice supplies and understood why they had to switch quickly. I had to stop before the show was over or I would have missed the family breakfast. I will watch it again and again. I could totally get into printing out some and framing them for some spots in the house. Here's an idea for you: get some printed on huge paper and sell them to homeowners like me to improve a blank wall in a room without enough windows. I would love looking out at a canal or at a weathered wooden door beckoning me to try to open it or at least guess at its mysterious contents.

- Kathy


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