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JB, I know some of those windows. Have you considered having a showing at the Arsenale??? You have composed them brilliantly. I didn't have time to see them all, this is a slow computer and I have to get some stuff done before heading north. So far the ones that really stand out are the one with squiggly iron bars in the front and shadows of figures reflected in the glass; the one with the kids: the pink towel; and the one with the steps going to the iron gate. (Didn't jot down the numbers.) I also thought it was perfect the way you could see through the glass skylight from the roof top. Thank you for making me smile. I will go back to that site and savor all of the shots at a more leisurely time. You truly are an artist. I like your work.

I just thought about how windows are like people. Some have iron bars in front. Though the glass may be fragile behind them, it is still difficult to get in. Some are bricked up and just about impossible to get in. You can't even see through them. Many are closed but can be opened. Then there are those that are wide open. Hugs

- Maryann (1)


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