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great pictures JB! The postcards look great. I like how you put in personal touches into the site. Especially the remarks from you and Marian about the day's events. It's a fun site.

It looks great. Thanks for doing all the scanning.

I have a thought about your doors and windows. I really love them. I think I see new ones each time I go to the site. Are you still adding to it?

Well, my thought is how about creating limited edition booklets of your images as gift items? If they're printed from a good color printer and packaged beautifully like a portfolio piece -- with handmade paper,etc. -- I think that would be fun. Ask Steve to bring his Ashes and Snow purchase (sovenir booklet of images) to check out how they produced that. But I was thinking they would be loose sheets of each window/door. I also think a handable size. You're probably thinking LARGE!!... Right?

I just read the comments from your other friends… so, I guess I'm not the only one who have thought your photos would make a great book.

I like maryann's suggestion of exhibiting at the arsenale

if I didn't already let you know, I received the windows and a fun bunch of 'em they are!

- jen


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