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Consider this a homegrown Venice postcard ... the title is "and finally, it stopped raining".

We ARE having fun, fun, fun. Lots and lots of walking. Yesterday when I took the rainbow pic, it started out rainy, but we took a boat to the outer islands anyway. It cleared up for us, wonder of wonders. Beautiful light.

Remember to bring good raingear, it has been wet here. We went out to the outer islands today. It rained and sunned on us, was just marvelous. How magnificent, Marian spotted a double rainbow.

We be here! It is marvelous. That is all Marian can come up with after the grappa she imbibed an hour ago.... The food is lovely, we just cooked stuff tonight, so didn't have to stagger home.

Keep the post cards coming.. loved the arched windows. Did you send the rainbow to Yano, he loves windows and rainbows too (a mothers son).  -- Annie

have blast - be safe. -- Regards Rahil

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