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After two days, the Miranda museum in Bologna called to Marian. We took the most major highway, which seemed to suddenly take us on a circle of Bologna, with no exits. Most frustrating. Then an hour long delay due to a minor accident. The great circle route ended with an exit labeled "last exit for Bologna". Really! Somehow we ended up in the center, a parking space just outside a restaurant, in which Marian had a stupendous lasagna (Bolognese, of course). Also a huge antipasto (fill your own plate style). The Lasagna won the goodness war.

But it was the city of the Vespa and of the gratuitous horns. Eek! After the quiet first of Venice, then of mountain towns, the din was shocking, even thru closed windows.

Parking was imaginative here. These were two images taken thru the windshield as we left the city on a 4-lane semi-divided highway. What exactly are the marked cars doing? Hmmm ... Not moving, I can tell you. There were more too, on both sides. A rotary had them parked on both the inside as well as the outside border. Seems there was a football (soccer) match just ended. Unfortunately, someone won.

Escape was slow and not so sure, as we ended up following signs to Milan ... but they brought us to the Milan Hotel in some little berg, in the town center. With no further signs. The sun was up, so we followed it West.

Parking desperados are world-wide. Yummy, lasagna Bolognese. Guess it's time for me to call it a day/night, whatever it is -- my clock is sideways. -- xox, Betty Sue

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