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Thought you were finished with this series?

ha ha ha -- nyah ha ha!

This is the last, though. Just a comment on something I learned about guidebooks. As you might have guessed, the guidebook we were using was not of much use. Its focus was on r-e-a-l-l-y budget travel. Once the places to stay got over the $10 mark, it grouped them all together into the exorbitant class. Which was not of much use, to us - as we were interested in the subtle distinctions between the $15 and the $300 a night rooms. And likewise for restaurants.

So how can one tell? Here it is. Look at the picture of the author, scanned in from the book itself. Would you like to travel with him? Or does he look like a smart ass? If you were taking a long train ride and he just entered your compartment to stay for the week, would you be thinking "Ooh, this looks like fun" or "Why me?" Would your first thought be "I won't get much sleep because we will be becoming fast friends" or "Looks like I'll be pretending to sleep alot"?

Here it is ... and on that note, I leave you.

Love and Til We Meet Again,


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