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Hi Jen,

It was great seeing you last night. Especially the diary, which was a real work of art. I awoke this morning and was struck by it (again). In fact, so struck that I would like to ask you if I could borrow it to photograph the pages for my own record! I am thinking of possibly putting it and my own images together into a little website about our trip (amazing what extra website space will encourage one to do!)

Whaddya think?   Love,  JB

I am intrigued.

I'll have to figure out the logistics of getting the journal ("diary" is so teen-ish... except for Bridget Jone's diary... ha-ha) to you. I don't take any blame if you read something you shouldn't!

I also thought of creating a website for this Venetian sojourn (are you liking my choice of words?). I think its a super idea. It would be cool to get everyone's images, especially since most of us used a digital camera. You could put in other people's thoughts and remarks (and Steve's caterpillar doodah...LOL). It was such a great trip that i would also like to see it immortalized! Even with all the rain during my stay, i have great and wonderful feelings about that time, and it had a great deal to do with you and Marian -- in how you opened up yourselves and your Venetian home to your friends.

xoxo, j

i seem to be immortalized. Its strange to see my writings up there (and my scratchy sketches) for all to see. Hopefully i don't offend anyone with what i've written.  --jen

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