December 2002 ~ At Maureen's

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Announcement: I will be showing off my Venice Windows (including some funky shapes) and Marian will be showing her paintings.  It is a "His 'n Hers" right-side-of-the-brain group show.  And you are invited, bring your right-side.  Especially Friday evening if you can make it, as we'll be there then.  Palette supplied, but bring your palate for the munchies.
Location: Maureen McManus' house, (617) 484-2620, 42 Barnard Rd, Belmont, MA (Mapquest for directions)
Time: Friday December 6, 6~9:30 pm  (also open Sat and Sun 1~6 pm)
Hope to see you,  JB & Marian

The Artworld can appear daunting and cold; snooty openings and outrageous, inflated prices can inhibit people from enjoying the experience of looking at and owning original art.

Maureen McManus would like to invite you to her serene and peaceful home for an exhibit featuring the work of six artists. Prices will range from $50 - $350.


John Borchard Luxuriating on a honeymoon in Venice for a whole month, John turned to the right side of his brain and wandered aimlessly. His camera discovered the fantastic combination of decay and beauty of the windows and doors of Venice, Italy Alexandra Sheldon Her paintings are inspired by walks at the Fresh Pond Reservoir in Cambridge, MA Virginia Peck A recurring theme that emerges in her work is the incredible diversity in the human face and its ever-changing emotional landscape. Another area of interest for her has been land and waterscape painting. Mindful of how little of nature is still unspoiled, she hopes these paintings will inspire all of us to treasure and protect the land that is left Marian Dioguardi She is a purist using only paint, panel and pallet knife. She is challenged by color and contrast, form and shape and the way in which everyday objects occupy space. She tries to capture moments and objects inspired by simple beauty Jill Pottle Taking abandoned furniture from decades ago, Jill breathes new life into it through the application of paint, beads and found objects Emily Malin A physically challenged artist living in the Boston area, Emily works at home with the assistance of her art teacher. Despite neurological impairments due to a childhood illness, she is able, with limited movement in her left arm and hand, to create her vivid watercolors

Friday, December 6th 6:00 9:30 pm Evening Reception
Saturday, December 7th 1:00 6:00 pm
Sunday, December 8th 1:00 6:00 pm

42 Barnard Road, Belmont, MA 617-484-2620


I'm glad that I did come that night. Your windows of Venice came out more vivid on print than on screen, it seems. I never got to talk to Maureen but wanted to thank her for hosting this event. Very cool and fun.


Oh I really did enjoy it. Such talent all in one room. I especially also enjoyed meeting Maureen --how great that she opens up her home for such an auspicious occasion and chatting with Jill Pottle.

I hated leaving, but it just gave a real lift to the day. Glad I could make it.


Thanks so much for telling us about the show. Congratulations! Both of you produce beautiful stuff! I've still got lemons in my head from one of M's paintings. Now I'm off to visit the dog-site.


Happiness + sales = celebration whoopee!

Betty Sue

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