Your Post Card du Jour

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At popular request, here is a composite-image post card, no fancy editing but just a flavor ... for the windowless office especially.  Cut these out and paste them up.

We just got connected yesterday. We've been here a week already. It's been everything we had hoped for. I've been too excited to paint but I have taken lots of pictures. I am planning to get out today and paint after the morning grey wears off. JB and Steve are going to the big food market this morning to get such wondrous and fresh ingredients. It is a challenge to cook in this kitchen but I am doing it. It is baby artichoke and white and green asparagus season. The tomatoes from Sicily are ripe and tasty. The prosciutto is delicious and cheap. And we haven't found a cheese we haven't liked. Fresh and crusty Italian bread all the time. And a wine store where you bring your empty bottles and they fill them up for you from their homemade wine. Duncan and Steve are here for the week. When they leave and you guys will show up as will another friend Maryann and her friend Julie. All we are missing are a few cats and a dog. -- Love, M

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