Ag in Venice

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Even in the out islands, they do funky things.  Check out that fish wall.  Pastoral scenes.  Just a ferry ride from the center of Venice.

Ah, it is the variety that spices our lives. Sometimes of course, spice gets hot.

On those rare occasions when I work up the courage to photograph a face, it often turns out dramatic. Perhaps I will eventually get the hint and do more of them. My problem is that I am so radically embarrassed to be in a flock of camera-aiming tourists that I just cannot force myself to hide behind the thing. Thus, most of my images are of inanimate objects. I know it is a fault, but it feels as strong as any other phobia. Fortunately, I am not employed by National Geographic. I suppose I could get over it with hypnosis, but I am afraid of what I might become if I reduced that reluctance to ashes. Kind of like hypnotizing myself into smoking.

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