Sunset and Moonrise

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Can you tell which is which?   We had to await the return ferry quite a while, and arrived well past dark.  Who needs dinner with a sunset like this?  We crawled and stumbled home ....

reminds me of the time I went to see the tesserae/mosaics in Ravenna and waited by the dark side of the road for a local bus I never expected to arrive.  Congratulations on not needing dinner. -- Love,  John

I particularly love the legs with the muted superimposed buildings in the background. The colors are magnificent! Did you intend for the picture to appear like it does? It's wild. -- Joan

Funny you should see these as legs. I took it, but did not. Marian saw them as legs. Must be the 2D image more than the 3D one (which had 3 legs), and I am stuck on the "real" thing. -- JB

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