Non-Culture in Venice

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We went yesterday to the agricultural island, a pleasant break from city.  They had these funky little 3-wheeled cars, all the street ruts were triple ruts.  And a delivery of wine ...

It has been fun plugging in at the end of a day and rifling thru my photo trash to find amusements to send home.

Today Marian and her painting pal Edward went out, painting a canal. Ed was in a good mood when he returned, but Marian was in a funk. I think she had been starving herself all day, expecting to find glorious sandwiches laid at her feet at 5pm when she returned, not the reality of "no bread left"! Life is hard here. I vegged on the terrace in the sun with an engrossing book. Planning for "just pizza" tonight. Romance is in the air (or at least the internet) for Joe, the other visiting painter. Who knows what will come of it.

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