Island Views around Venice

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Some views of the islands ... I spent the day having a marvelously decadent 3 hour lunch and sleeping in a field on the island of Torchello.  When  I woke, the leaf was there.  I wandered to the farmhouse gate and loved a wee feature of  it, the rust and web.  A detour to Burano, the painted island.  I can't get over how well these house colors go with each other.

Thus, it goes.  Weather is now stable and sunny and abruptly smells like spring.  no snow here.   The zephyrs just smell of spring.  It has hit with a bang.  Will it last?  who knows.  But it is here now.

Keep warm!

Weather has been stable and is now fully spring-like. No sweater used at all. We are turning totally lazy, just lolling around. We will surely either be unable to do anything else when we return, or be tornadoes of repressed energy. Which, oh which will it be?

Just loved it. Turn on my computer, go online and viola, I'm in Italy. What a treat. Some of your photos I thought were M's paintings, especially the barn window. Guido's party was fun, food good, people good, and magician good. Here's and interesting combo a Chef from Sicily who is also a magician. He does both or just one depending on the job. I was chatting with the guy after his act he was a hoot. -- B

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