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Wine knowledge is a key courtship tool, poll says

Women are increasingly keen on wine, and that means men must improve their skills at picking the right kind, as well as the appropriate glass and food with which to enjoy it, said a study by Eta Meta Research released Thursday at the Vinitaly wine fair in Verona. Women indicated they were wary of men who chug their wine, pick the wrong type of chalice or miss the correct gastronomic combination, indicating such beasts had little hope of an amorous tryst. Eighty-three percent said the "right" wine was important throughout the courtship phase, and many specifically linked enologic refinement to elegance, creativity, seduction and sex.  (From Italy Daily of April 13)

Rahil does NOT need to read this. -- Kathy

Is this the wine couture article? And why not, is he already so cooool? Or picking up too many hip chicks? Hmmm.... If he is as bad at choosing the right glass as am I, then surely the instruction would inspire him to be more civilized. I am not sure if it worked for me ... Marian (still) laughs at me. Might be that I choose the least appropriate chalice. On purpose. unteachable. I never thought of Rahil as being as hopelessly nerdy as I. Could he be? Surely not. Interesting thought. I will have to interrogate him on this when I return.

... pick the wrong type of chalice or miss the correct gastronomic combination ...

This sounds like a capital offense, wouldn't you say?

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