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Is that lust or lush?  A post card in honor of Dr. Ed.  Here is Maryann on the left, Marian on the floor - er, the right - and Julie appearing more conscious behind them.

When your life gets hectic, some people just go on the road -- Maryann's favorite quote, from My Dinner With Andre

Dear Edward, We missed you last night. Dinner was not the same without your company. Venice is not the same without you! JB and I are leaving Venice on the 26th hoping to get out into the country side for a change in scenery. Yesterday was hot and sunny , today it looks cooler and cloudier.

I am glad your trip home was smooth. Tomatoes juice was a good idea. You wouldn't want to fall asleep and miss your stop. See you when we get home. We will loose communications after midnight on the 25th. No more connection.  -- Love, M

Dear M & JB (wherever you are) It has been very beautiful in the burbs for the past 3 days. Kinda cool cause we had snow the night before last which lasted on the lawn making going out to get the paper in bare feet a quick journey. Yesterday was very windy--this Morning (Sat) is clear and I have to continue to clean the pool. News update: Thor Heyerdahl of KonTiki fame is dead. I loved the picture of you fallen women. And of course I was stunned by the news that Julie had been married 3 timed. But I suspected it all along.

Pictures on TV showed a cheese factory in Parma which you should visit They didn't show any common factory workers--just the big wheels

The ducks were back on the swimming pool this morning at 5:30 .{ guess they have jet lag too). The chicken cacciatore turned out well--it'll never keep until your return. Next project: to make a big fat loaf of bread like you served. Wasn't it yummie!!l Love y'all  -- Dr. Ed

Dear JB and Marian, Who is Harry? I feel really dumb, but can't remember a Harry. You obviously know him. 

Dear Marian and JB, I was sitting drinking a coffee later that day and it hit me who Harry was. Suddenly I remembered the conversation about Bobby/Harry. -- Hugs, Maryann

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