See Yaw, Our Last From Venetia!

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Hi, you long suffering email buddy.

Note the special treat, no image! We are off this morning for a week of wandering in the hills somewhere in a micro rent a car of some sort. I may or may not get reconnected to the electronic bit supply, so you may be lucky enough to not hear further until we return. The email stream has kept us all entertained, thank you for your part.

We plan to head south toward the enclosed country of San Martino, to a little hill town called San Leo. M wants to view Bologna one day. Thoughts are possibly to head back up, westward toward Parma. These are all within a 100 mi circle, so we'll see. We depart on May 3 from Milan, thru gay Paree.

So, feel free to send further communiqués, but we may or may not get them until we return. Who knows.

We leave our apartment tomorrow. Our E-mail line will be off until we come home again. We think we will go off to Bologna.  There is a Modern Art Museum there I want to see. Also, as you know that's the place to eat! Then we will head off to the mountains southwest of Parma. We were told the Lake District will be very crowded because it is a Holiday weekend leading into May Day.

We are ready to come home. But right now I am feeling like being in my own bed. JB and I decided that 21-24 days is our ideal length for vacation. -- M

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