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On the road again, we headed for the Lake Como area which Marian had originally planned as our final stay, but which had somehow been sidetracked. Oh, how right she had been! I hate it when that happens.

The first day alternated sunlight and fog. The sunlight was glorious, the fog mysterious and moody. This region is steep hillsides, reminiscent of Scottish lakes. Wheelchairs don't flourish here. But oh, what a lovely change. I have decided that I do like areas that have been "developed" or "discovered", but when the development happened a century ago. And nature is slowly re-claiming them. I love that sense of glorious decrepitude. That is what is here.

These images may or may not show up for you, fog is very hard to represent on electronic images as the colors are so subject to the exact settings of the monitor, and the monitor quality. MY apologies if it is just blank.

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